About us

Use our extensive experience and international network to unlock your real estate potential

Novel Finance is specialized in realizing custom real estate financing solutions for developers, investors and owners of commercial real estate. Our goal is to maximize customers’ investments while minimizing their risks. We have been active in real estate for over 30 years and use a personal and no-nonsense approach. With a sharp analytical eye and out-of-the-box vision, we provide extensive advice in various areas. We have much expertise in financial structures, business analyses, financial models and real estate investments. With our in-depth understanding of real estate financing, we provide tailor-made solutions to our customers.

We work with different types of financing partners such as Dutch and international (real estate) banks, institutional investors and private investors.

Novel Finance consists of an independent small team which operates in a large, international network. We focus entirely on generating creative solutions and transparent results as ‘the missing link’ between customer and market, between wishes and realization, between problems and solutions.

Novel Finance is WFT certified

Joost P.L. Beijers

Partner & Founder

With over three decades of experience in the real estate industry, Joost established Novel Finance in 2010. Boasting a distinctive and extensive (international) network of real estate investors and financiers, Joost adeptly comprehends the nuances of each customer's specific case. As a connector who consistently goes the extra mile, he epitomizes entrepreneurial excellence.

Drs. Art Nijhuis

Partner & Credit specialist

Drs. Art Nijhuis is co-owner and credit specialist at Novel Finance. Holding a degree in International Financial Economics from Amsterdam, he has served as a business analyst and CFO. Art's strong analytical insights enables him to adeptly navigate clients through diverse options, showcasing his expertise in the field.

Henk Visser

Real Estate agent

Henk is active as a real estate agent at Novel Finance, leveraging his vast expertise and background in the real estate industry. With a robust network at his disposal, Henk specializes in commercial, logistic, and residential real estate, connecting clients with the right opportunities. He takes pride in providing optimal guidance to customers throughout the real estate buying and selling process.

Anne Claire Baas

Project Manager

Anne Claire is responsible for marketing and project management within Novel Finance. Her background in sales & marketing spans across various sectors, including hospitality, banking, and real estate. Her thorough understanding of customer needs makes her a driving force behind the success of Novel Finance.