You are our contractor or client. We perform our activities on your behalf and in your interest. This defines our mutual relationship. Novel Property Finance aims at the best possible communications with its clients. That is why we believe our clients must have an accurate insight into the services we offer. In this services guide we intend to provide a clear outline of our services. Should you have any questions or comments after reading this services guide, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Who are we?

From 2013, Novel Property Finance (formerly Vastgoedhypotheek B.V.) provides expert advice and services in the field of commercial real-estate funding to professional/business real-estate parties. Our procedure is based on a creative input, often resulting in creative solutions for business-finance issues. Novel Property Finance specialises in financing for investment and corporate real estate, equity partnerships and exit strategies. We provide advice and mediation exclusively for professional and/or corporate clients (consumers are specifically excluded).

In addition, Novel Property Finance provides advice and mediation in the sale and purchase of mortgage and real-estate portfolios between professional and/or corporate clients. This is where Novel Property Finance’s extensive network proves very useful.


Our task is to take stock of and determine your needs and wishes together with you, and eventually to come to suitable advice and/or mediation. We give advice on the products that we believe are best suited to your wishes and fit your business situation. In addition to such advice, we consult on behalf of our clients with banks, insurance companies, pension administrators and any other parties involved who may act as lenders and assist our clients in their contacts with these parties.

In performing our services, we can also engage external experts, and we are often the coordinating point of contact for external experts such as a civil-law notaries, lawyers, tax consultants, accountants or appraisers.

We constantly endeavour to serve our clients in an appropriate and professional manner. The quality of our service is of paramount importance in this respect. We look forward to enter into a relationship with you and intend to make sure that it will be long-term and to mutual satisfaction.

Our services


Prior to acceptance of an engagement, we take stock of your needs and wishes and inquire about your knowledge and experience in financial matters, and the risks you may or may not run. Based on this assessment, we provide you with advice.

Mediation in business finance

If you need and wish to attract financing, we will assist you in making a choice. We will remain closely involved in setting up the financing plan and relieve you from the practical tasks where we can.

Our services may be applied with respect to:

  • Debt Finance
  • Equity partnerships
  • Structuring
  • Exit

Investment property

Novel Property Finance provides advice and mediation services exclusively to and for qualified real estate investors on the understanding that the investment property:

  • is offered to less than one hundred consumers, and
  • is offered for a nominal amount per investment property of at least € 100,000.

Services that we explicitly do not provide:

  • Mortgages for own home –      Life insurances
  • Consumer credits –      Savings and investment accounts
  • Pension –      Casualty insurances
  • Financial planning –      Incapacity for work

Novel Property Finance does not provide advice or mediation with regards to participation rights in investment institutions, such as investment funds or investment companies.


You may qualify as a ‘consumer’. According to the law, a ‘consumer’ is a natural person who is acting for purposes that are not included in business or professional activities. Legal consumer provisions apply if you wish to finance a real estate asset as a consumer.

Novel Property Finance does not offer its services to persons who qualify as consumers under the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). We only provide our services to business clients and investors (’non-consumers’).

We hold data of you with respect to the execution of our services. You can rely on us to handle your data with all due care in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our position in respect of suppliers

Freedom in advice

Our firm has no contractual obligations to place financial products with one or more financial institutions. We are therefore completely free in providing our advice.

Freedom in entrepreneurship

No financial institution, such as a bank or insurance company, has an ownership interest or control in our company. This freedom to advise you what we believe is in your best interest is in line with our freedom as entrepreneurs.


We can provide our clients with completely independent advice because our advice is not influenced due to involvement with banking matters. We do not use a power of attorney from a lender either, to avoid any legal or financial disruption in our objectivity.

Choice of suppliers

The market has many providers of financial products and services. We work with a team of specialists who will set up an objective analysis of the relevant supply in relation to your demand.

We then select the offer that best suits your professional/business needs. This selection is based on a large number of factors. This obviously includes the level of interest rates, the quality of the conditions and our experience with the institution. Pursuant to this method, we can act as an independent and objective intermediary for you.

No AFM permit

No permit is required for our services. We are therefore not under supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Therefore, our company is not registered with the AFM register.

What do we expect from you?

You logically set high demands on our services. In order to provide you with proper services, we also expect a number of things from you:

  • It is vital that you provide us with accurate and complete information. This is in your own interest; the quality of our advice also depends on the quality of the information you provide. If, in case of any damage, it turns out that you have provided incorrect or incomplete information, the lender may claim back (part of) the loan amount pursuant to the contract or loan conditions;
  • It is important that we are aware of any business commitments or loans you might have elsewhere. This information is needed to determine which offer best suits your situation;
  • We have developed a checklist for our relations, which we will go through and complete together with you;
  • For certain services, we are legally obliged to establish your identity on the basis of an original proof of identity. Your advisor may therefore ask for such proof;
  • In order to prevent the situation that we are not aware of considerable risks or factors, we expect you to notify us as soon as possible of any changes in your personal or business situation or changes relating to the assets financed;
  • Changes in your business situation include changes in the nature of business activities and changes in the company organisation chart;
  • We maintain all contacts with the financial institution. If you would like to be in contact with the lender yourself, we will let them know. In that case, we should like to be notified of your (direct) communication with the lender, so that we can provide you with adequate assistance;
  • We may send you information as we believe it will help you gain an even better understanding of existing or new financial products and services. We always ask you to read this information carefully and to consult us if necessary;
  • In any case, we ask you to always check the agreements and other contracts by yourself and make sure that they have been drawn up in accordance with your wishes and that you are able to comply with the set terms and conditions. Here too, we ask you to consult with us at all times in the event of any ambiguities or questions on your part regarding the contents of these documents; obviously, these documents will also be checked by us.

Our accessibility

We want to be easily accessible for our business relations. You can contact us as follows:

Correspondence address: Willem de Zwijgerlaan 33, 1056 JE Amsterdam

Telephone: +31 (0)88 0 111 000



Business addresses: these are stated on our website

We are available to you almost 24 hours a day. Our offices are open on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.. Outside office hours, you can simply contact us through your adviser’s mobile phone number.

Also appointments outside office hours can be arranged at our office or at your premises by mutual agreement.

Other relevant matters

We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 82599912.

Any complaints?

If you have a complaint about our handling method, about our procedures in general or about faulty information regarding the way we provide our services, please notify us as soon as possible. All complaints will be dealt with under the responsibility of the management.

As a professional/business client, you cannot submit a complaint about our services to the Financial Services Complaints Institute (KiFiD). You can only contact the KiFiD as a consumer with complaints about insurances, mortgages, loans, financing and investments.

Information about our fee

Before the implementation of an engagement, we give you an indication of both the specifications of the services and the costs involved. An agreement for the provision of services will be drawn up for this purpose.

Fee on the basis of a one-off invoice (fee)

We agree with you on a rate (fee) for our services based on a statement of account, which may be specified according to the number of hours, percentage of the financing sum or on the basis of a fixed rate. It is also possible to combine these rates or forms of remuneration.

Further to this, you pay a premium, interest or deposit, for the product itself.

If additional services are provided to you for which you will be charged extra, we will inform you in advance.


When the purpose of our advice is related to the conclusion of a financial contract with a financial institution, our invoice will not be subject to VAT. If the advice is, for example, related to a second opinion or another type of financial advice without such purpose, we will be legally obliged to charge VAT. This is also the case in a situation where we negotiate indicative terms with a financial institution, but you decide not to take the deal.